Monday, July 31, 2006

L12's & J pod

Mystery & Alexis / L12
Harbour Seals
Bald Eagle
J pod
J27/ Princess Angeline
J pod
J pod

In gorgeous weather, aboard the Ocean Magic II’s noon trip, we found the L12 matriline off False Bay, San Juan Island. The 73 year old matriarch Alexis / L12 was seen with sprouting male Mystery / L85 off False Bay, San Juan Island. Another young male, Solstice / L89, surprised the passengers with a big breach and splash beside the vessel. The whales were echolocating and a young male chased fish along the surface. In the afternoon we headed further north to meet up with J pod as they rounded Turn Point, Stuart Island. On route we stopped in Oak Bay to view the harbour seals hauled out on some rocks with a nearby bald eagle keeping watch. When we arrived on scene with the whales we found them speed porpoising south toward Lime Kiln lighthouse, San Juan Island, and using calls to maintain group cohesion. Blackberry / J27 was identified and Princess Angeline / L17 was seen with her two daughters Polaris / J28 and Tahiequah / J35.

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