Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DFO Recovery Strategy for Transients


The long-term goal of this recovery strategy is:

To attain long-term viability of the West Coast transient killer whale population by providing the conditions necessary to preserve the population’s reproductive potential, genetic variation, and cultural continuity.

To achieve this goal objectives have been established for the next five years.

Population Objectives
• population size will remain at or above the current level
• number of breeding females in the population will remain at neutral or positive growth rate levels
• determine numerical and demographic population objectives that represent long-term viability for this population

Distribution Objectives
• continue to utilize their known range
• prey will be available, in quantities adequate to support recovery, throughout the currently known range
• studies to determine how range is utilized at a population and sub-population level

Recovery Objectives
• average contaminant load will decline below current levels
• prey populations will be protected from anthropogenic factors
• current measures to protect from vessel disturbance will be maintained or expanded if determined necessary
• will not be exposed to acute or chronic sound levels in excess of those considered to cause behavioural or physical harm in cetaceans
• quantity, quality and distribution of prey necessary to sustain or increase the current population level will be determined
• greater understanding of the impacts of contaminants and other biological and non-biological pollutants will be developed
• the effects of vessel disturbance on will be evaluated
• a more comprehensive understanding of the impacts of chronic and anthropogenic ambient noise will be developed