Thursday, May 20, 2021

World Bee Day

Actions to help bees:

1.) Stop using pesticides.

2.) Let gardens grow naturally and allow dandelions to develop.

3.) Grow pollinating plants:

(Heather; bee balm; rhododendron; white clover; cotton easter; purple toadflax; fireweed; primrose; milkweed; sunflower; forget me nots; daisy; lily of the valley; witch hazel; lavender; thyme; rosemary; mint; oregano; mustard; sage; geranium; aster; maples; berries; cherry; lilac; hemlock; willow; hawthorn; and staghorn plants).

4.) Create a bee bath (bowl, pebbles and stones so they can rest to drink, fill with clean water). 

5.) Keep a mason bee home in the garden.