Monday, August 14, 2006


Sprit / L22
Sprit / L22
Alexix / L12
Mystery / L85

Another wonderful day aboard the Ocean Magic II. The morning trip lead us out towards San Juan Island in hopes to find the whales as J and K pods were reported to be off the Coal Docks near Vancouver and a large group of L pod members were too far off towards the west nearing Port Renfrew. Captain Mike’s instincts did not fail as we found the L12’s off False Bay milling about and foraging in the area. Spirit / L22 and her son Skana / L79 were identified traveling close together diverting around the commercial fishing fleet. On the trip back a minke whale was sighted a bit further north feeding on schools of herring. During the noon trip we found the matriarch Alexis / L12 traveling with 15-year-old sprouting male Mystery / L85.

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