Monday, August 28, 2006

L12's, Transients, and more residents

Oceansun / L25
2 whales

An exciting windy day aboard the Ocean Magic II. On the noon trip we met up with the L12’s grouped up off San Juan Island heading south along False Bay. We saw the whales breaching, spy hopping, and tail lobbing. They would pick up bursts of speed and porpoise for short periods of time. Mega, Skana, and Oceansun were identified. A transient, meat-eating killer whale, male and two smaller animals surprised us on the way home off the Victoria breakwater in the large swells. The whales were headed fast in a southwesterly direction. On the 3:30 trip we met up with the T100s off Beaumont Shoals and identified T102. Later we headed over to Kellet Bluff, Henry Island, were L pod passed by leading the southern resident, fish eating, population of killer whales.

Mega / L41

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