Sunday, August 06, 2006


POW in the Fog
L12/ Alexis
L41/ Mega
L79 / Skana

Today aboard the Ocean Magic II, started out with the L12 matriline off False Bay, San Juan Island. Alexis the L12 matriarch was traveling in the thick fog with a young sprouting male. The intensity of the low, cool, gray cloud intensified viewing drama. In the afternoon, we found the L12’s again heading south, but slowly traveling north with the flood tide. Adult male Mega / L41 was sighted as was Mystery, Alexis, and 17 year old male Skana / L79. J and K pods were reported to be approaching Lopez Island from the north end of Rosario Strait. Groups of Rhinoceros Auklets were found drifting near False Bay while Canada’s Snowbird team flew overhead during the Oak Bay air show.


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