Sunday, September 17, 2006

Transients & Race Rocks

Heermann's Gull

On the Ocean Magic II noon trip we headed south in search of transient killer whales. We found a group of four whales just north of Race Rocks. There was one male, two females, and a calf. The animals were chasing prey, darting back and forth, and then the sea gulls would dive down to feed on any leftovers. They stayed in the same location and then the calf started to repeatedly tail lob and spy hop out of the water. After viewing the whales we stopped at Race Rocks and saw California and Steller sea lions, Elephant seals, and Harbour seals resting on the rocks. A Heermann’s Gull was spotted on one of the many kelp beds in this highly productive and nutrient rich area.

Bull Kelp

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