Monday, September 18, 2006

T30 Group

California Sea Lions
Brown Pelicans
Steller Sea Lion

On the noon trip we headed just north of Race Rocks to meet up the T30 group of transient, meat eating, killer whales. The whales were in full action churning up the water in pursuit of prey. The event looked like a successful kill as the animals were swarmed with birds after the chase subdued. We then went over to the Ecological Reserve where a Steller sea lion came darting over to investigate our vessel. The sea lion circled around the stern looking at all the passengers before heading over to the rocks and kelp beds. Another rare sight was Brown Pelicans, which are usually a bit further south down the coast. We then crossed over to Becher Bay to view Harbour seals hauled out on the rocky shorelines. There were many Turkey vultures circling overhead and perched in the treetops. Another wonderful day aboard the Ocean Magic II.

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